Flowers & Growlers

On our first date, Justin accosted me with three bouquets of flowers, accompanied with a sheepish grin. “I got a little carried away.” he blushed. I new at that moment that I wasn’t getting out of this one with a single first date. I liked him.

The flowers, which were lilies, carnations, and something else I can’t remember ended up in a vase…sort of. Okay, it was a Growler from Bayern Brewery.  We laughed about it, and our classy decor and never really thought about it.

Justin has bought me alot of flowers. I don’t know if its because when we first really talked, I had bought flowers for myself. Maybe he knows where to get good deals. Most likely he’s just awesome like that. The point is that they have all ended up in Bayern Growlers. Even the beautiful pink and white roses that helped him propose.

So, I think its only right if they are a part of the wedding. We decided we’ll use them for centerpeices, fill them with flowers, and call it good. It might look rustic-chic. It might look horribly red-neck. We like it, though. Plus growlers cost like, five dollars.

Unfortunatley the flowers I had my heart set on are expensive even though they are in season. It turns out, flowers are straight up costly. I think this might have to be something I splurge on. I mean, think of all the money I saved by using growlers, right?

tell it to my wallet.

Anways if it goes the way I want, I’ll have Calla Lillies in Mango

also seen in the shivering isles

Mixed with these bad boys:

Vanda Orchids give me bride-gasms

Inside beer growlers. God, there is going to be something delightfully wrong about this wedding.

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One Response to Flowers & Growlers

  1. Tyler says:

    Only one thing sums up the idea of flowers inside growlers…


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